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Everything is Beautiful

Posted on December 28 2016

The excitement of Christmas may seem to dissipate as the start of the New Year begins to reconcile your intimacy with your day-to-day life, but not here at TRUÉNODIZZY. The warming sensation of the festive season is not just fueled by the brandy, but the togetherness of family, the sharing of gifts and within the mind of a child in that brief moment in time; the thought that anything seems possible. Is it so childish to believe this is the case? Sure we may not sit by the fireplace awaiting Santa’s arrival, instead we set our sights above the horizon, shooting for the stars above into the abyss of mysterious uncertainty. No longer do we place a carrot upon a dish for reindeer; now we dangle it before us as we strive forward toward unlimited potential. Gone are the days of running down the stairs with bated breath awaiting the revealing of our pre-place gifts, for now we know that reward comes through the determination and perseverance.
It is this very effort that has propelled us upwards to exceed our goals, as a rocket would shoot toward the stars fueled by the aspiration of the team that endeavoured to construct it from nothing. Our new line of clothing, as with each individual line we have released, has been done so from the ground upwards with this feeling of pride with the hope to break through the proverbial barriers that contain creative freedom as a cage would entrap a bird from flight. We strive for excellence; quality ensured through the very signature we have signed our clothing with. Our signature is a staple of our promise that what you buy will be the very best. The new year may seem daunting to some, we see it as a new opportunity to release more inspired clothing such as the new T-CRXSS collection. If you haven’t already, check out the new commercial to see how we celebrate Christmas and our new line in style.  
We here at TD carry the values of Christmas as imprinted morals both within our team and within the fibres of each and every single piece of clothing we release. We value togetherness, gratefulness and giving. The tight-knit workings of our small team ensures the panicle of customer service, each and every purchase only raises the bar of our dreams and of course, in return, we offer rewards for each new member and any purchases or referrals to friends to reward loyalty. As Ray Stevens so aptly put it, “Everything is Beautiful”, and that is the exact ideology that drives us as a team forward into the New Year.

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  • Samantha Beech: January 05, 2017

    Very beautifully written

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